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Yet from the very beginning of the system of education, there have been numerous voices for and against students' plagiarism. Some people say their parents taught them how to learn in a more "effective" way by persuading them to seek educational help from their peer friends. How would their peers help them in the learning process? Simply by... allowing them to copy their homework in order to absorb knowledge fast.

Homework Assignment

Well, that worked. Even though the "lazy student" didn't find the solution by himself/herself, s/he had an opportunity to understand how his/her peer figured out the solution. That's better than not having the writing homework done at all, isn't it?

CustomPapers.com followed this simple idea taken from the "child-parent" relation. They contract professional academic writers (some of which are current or former scholars) in order to make students' lives easier. They charge for their custom essay writing services, but the money is well spent. Some of the projects they are able to prepare are research essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, dissertations, theses. It's worth mentioning that all their writing/programming staff live in the United States or Canada, which allows to fully accommodate to their clients’ needs (80% of their customers are based in the US or Canada). Also, it is well-known that their qualification test for a contract freelance writer or programmer position is efficient to ensure that the right people hold the right freelance writing positions.

But that's not all. They also offer affordable Polish translation solutions which have already been noticed and appreciated by a number of American-Polish people who recommend the site to their friends.

Again, the choice is yours. We received a number of optimistic comments on their ‘custom papers’ services (check the essay paper section with frequently asked questions and answers about term paper writing), so we have a solid base to promote them among native and international students.


CustomPapers.com is a website created by former top students directed to current college and university (undergraduate and graduate) students. It was established in the year 2000. Their main office is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They have been recently featured on ABC's 20/20 and on many local newspapers.

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