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To put simply, PolishForums.com is an online community of Poland that is designed for both Polish and English language users. Here, users will be able to discuss subjects of all kinds including politics, news, and even entertainment. Note that this news will sometimes be linked to Polish people and Poland and sometimes it will not.

Why Was Polish Forums Created?

Poland Flag

One of the main reasons why the site was created was because of the increasing popularity of Poland. More and more people are realizing that it can be a great area to explore family roots as well as a good place to explore unique areas and meet new people. A lot of people are also visiting Poland to learn the language as well as partake in various business and cultural ventures.

With that being said, Polish Forums will provide potential visitors will important information that should steer them in the right direction when it comes to choosing where to visit once they arrive (as well as what to expect). Let’s take a look at a few other areas where Polish Forums is designed to help users.

Discussing Poland's Problems and Solutions

Like most countries in the world, Poland is an area that experiences problems. With that being said, Polish Forums is a place where problems can not only be discussed but also worked upon to improve. Here, guests can discuss potential solutions to help encourage the growth of Poland and its people. One of the main reasons why this website is so effective is because it allows for honest and straightforward collaboration between users.

As a result, friendships are formed and existing problems can be worked up in an efficient manner. Everyone can respectfully express their ideas and others can build upon them. All in all, Polish Forums is designed for the good of Poland and its people and it is a solid step forward in regards to finding solutions for common problems in the country.

Poland Classifieds

Another relatively popular section of Polish Forums is the “Poland Classifieds” section. This is a section that was designed to provide people with the ability to find housing, work, or friends once they arrive in Poland.

There is a “Jobs Wanted” section that is designed for people searching for work in Poland and there is a “Jobs Offered” section that is designed to people who would like to post jobs in Poland. The same concept holds true housing which is represented in a “Housing Offered” and “Housing Wanted” format.

Poland Classifieds is designed to make getting accustomed to Polish life much easier and can really help foreigners find a place to stay when they are new to the country. Now, let’s move on to talk about some of the other areas of Polish Forums that users may be interested in.

Polish Language Section

The “Polish Language” section of Polish Forums is designed to help foreigners learn Polish in the quickest amount of time possible. Here are some of the links that users will have access to on the website:

- General Polish Language

- Polish Grammar

- Free English - Polish Translation

- Polish Language Exchange

- Travel Tips in Poland

Each of these links will help someone learn the Polish language in the most efficient manner possible. People who are new to the country or who have no previous knowledge of the Polish language should find this section very useful.


Polish Forums is probably one of the most useful resources that one could utilize if they are planning a trip to Poland or if they are planning on living there. It offers all of the information that someone would want to know about the area and it should make living there as a foreigner that much easier.

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