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Meyers Roofing & Paving Chicago, IL (Tony Yobnovich)
Review and Consumer Fraud Warning

We were desperately looking for a roofing company to repair our newer metal roof, which started leaking. It was very hard to find anybody who would want to work with a metal roof, so after calling 10+ roofers, we took a leap of faith when Tony Yobnovich of Meyer's Roofing showed up to give us an estimate on Saturday 10/19/2013.

He (and his 'son' named Cody Wood) initially appeared trustworthy and promised to do the necessary repairs starting Monday 10/21/2013 because he and "his guys" just finished another project early and had the schedule open that week for this small job. We wrote down the main points of our agreement on the letterhead with the preprinted information:

Meyer's Roofing & Paving (Anthony / Tony Yobnovich)

Address (could be fake): 10656 S. Central Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL or 247 Westmore, Lombard, IL 60148

Phone: 708-422-3630 or 630-280-1222

Website: meyersroofing.com

Email: codylila@gmail.com

We gave him $2,000 deposit for materials and he was supposed to provide proof of insurance, license, on Sunday, 10/20/2013 before starting the job. Day by day, he kept postponing the paperwork and showing up until 10/23/2013 -- after the check cleared. On Wed., 10/23/2013, he showed up for 1 hour and 15 min. with another guy (Cody Wood). They tried to convince us to buy additional services for redoing the whole roof, repainting the rubber membrane, and so on, luckily we did not fall for it. We still did not receive the proper paperwork. The next time the same two guys showed up was Sat. 10/26/2013, they worked from 11:15 am to 4pm with a break from 1pm to 1:45pm - that's 4 hours of work. During those 4 hours, they removed metal coping on the west side of the flat roof, about 20 feet in span, covered about half of the exposed wall with rubber membrane. Left it unfinished - that is without coping.

We asked again for proof of liability insurance, and with this bad experience, for references. To this day, 11/6/2013, we did not receive anything. The contractor has been saying "tomorrow" for the last 3 weeks. After further research, we find, he is not licensed, or bonded, or insured - as he claimed. He is not even registered as a company. This is just a man who calls himself Meyer's Roofing and collects deposit checks from unsuspecting people. He in fact stated last week that his was not a roofer but worked with another roofing company, which was going to provide everything to us. Except that roofing company would never return our phone calls.

At this point, we believe this is a con artist and all he does is to scam people out of their money. As much as we should require all our money back with damages for the ceiling, we do believe only a desperate man with no integrity is capable of such deceit. Such a person deserves a pity. As a result, although the work he has done has no value for us, we asked that he itemized how much his 5 hours of work was worth plus receipts for the materials he used. We would like the balance of our money refunded to us so that we can fix our roof to stop our ceiling from getting flooded, as it did last week which we wanted to avoid in the first place. Now, not only our ceiling is damaged and needs repairs, but our roof is in a worse condition that it was before, and we are $2,000 out. We would not recommend this "contractor" (who turned out to be a notorious liar and thief) to anybody.

Meyers Roofing Yobnovich

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