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My Personal Opinion and Review of the Mt. Prospect Dental Excellence

I've been using Dental Excellence Services for about a year. I've spent over $2,000 for their services (the most expensive was a crown), my wife spent about $800.

I have a really bad experience with their dentist and service to the point I had to give up their services.

Today me and my wife had a regular appointment for teeth cleaning. I told them in advance I do not want dental check up because I do not want to pay for the dentist to look at my mount for 2-5 minutes and then charge me $45 for that. Especially that he did a crown a few months ago and I had a check up several months ago.

Dental Office

So I sit on the chair and they still told me I MUST have the exam because that's the law (right, it's illegal for me not to go to the dentist too?). I don't have any insurance so I pay out of my pocket. IF I wanted a checkup, I would ask him to do a check up, not the other way. I refused again, so doctor and their crew showed me the door.

When I was leaving, doctor wouldn't even allow to take MY x-ray pictures! Is it even legal not to give a former patient his x-rays? He told me I MUST send him my next dentist's name and address so that he could mail it to him. I'm pretty sure he would mention how of a bad patient I am in the letter.

Here are the reasons why I DO NOT recommend their dental practices:

- They would always try to sell me unnecessary treatments (like oral cancer exam or multiple x-rays) without a reason. It seems they have bought this new screening machine and now they try to get their patients to cover the costs,

- They would NOT provide a white filling for a tooth! They only believe in old, mercury-based fillings (amalgam silver) because they claim they last longer (but won't mention about the fact they contain mercury). I had to go to another dentist to have my tooth filled with a white filling.

- I specifically asked them (in advance) to make appointment so that there are two dental assistants to do cleaning for me at my wife at the same time. They said it wouldn't be a problem until you show up and find out that there's only one hygienist. Their explanation? "You know, sometimes it happens. But you may go out and do some shopping and come back in an hour."

- With all due respect, doctor is a rude man. He would not stand any other opinions than his own. Hey, maybe it worked 50 years ago when he started the practice, but it shouldn't be like that any more.

To sum up, I do not recommend the dental services of Dental Excellence. If you want to avoid stress and humiliation then you'd better avoid them. If they excel in anything, it must be in treating their patients unfairly and being rude. You'll be better off finding a good dentist elsewhere.

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Pawel, Illinois

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