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How to Research and write an Academic Research Paper

Students and professionals both understand that conducting accurate and timely research into various academic topics is critical in academic success. The writing of the results into a paper is a major step in the process. The paper will seek to evaluate and identify how to research an academic research by providing various steps and areas covered. Most of students and professional do not understand to conduct valid and timely research on their academic and thus, it results to unreliable academic papers.

Firstly, the students should seek to determine the research question or topic. In some lectures or classes, students are required to find a topic. This implies that the exercise is for learning the research process. In other occasions, the topic is clearly indicated from the class, own works or your professional needs. In addition, the topic can be created from a sense of curiosity and interest over a certain perceived problem that one feels needs to be filled in the gap of knowledge. The students and professionals should seek to understand clearly the research question or topic.

Research Papers

After determining the research topic or question, the students should determine the scope and timeline of the research paper. In any academic research, it should lead to a writer reports that may be a class assignment, or even a published article. The determination of the total time for the work helps to make a rough work schedule. The work schedule should include the following steps; finding and reading sources, collecting notes from the sources identified, preparation of a rough draft, revising the draft and incorporating source material and citations and then the preparation of the final draft in the required formats. The scope of the research involves the understanding of the broad subject to deal with in the paper. This helps the student to focus on the specific topic to avoid unnecessary details. Therefore, scope and timeline are important in academic research.

After designing of a timeline, the students should formulate a relevant research question from the determined research or topic. This turns the research question into a relevant thesis statement for the research paper. This question reminds the students of what is required and thus, any sources and reading should be directed to the question. The research question should contain an idea or opinion related to the identified topic. However, the research questions should be written in a way that will be represented in your hypothesis. This guides the students and professionals in the finding of sources and information that aids the writing of a reliable and good academic paper.

In formulation of the hypotheses, the students should string to find information and relevant sources for responding to the hypothesis. The student should find useful sources to provide information in the research paper. Useful sources may include internet and any available books will assist in providing information on human inquiry. However, they should understand not all information is available over the internet. The students and professionals may require certain number and type of resources. These include books, magazines or journals, letters and reference books. An access to an academic library is relevant for the collection of reliable information. The information is usually taken in notes and summary that helps to identify the main points that are reliable for the research questions. Therefore, the sources and note taking are important in academic research writing.

Lastly, the student should write progressive drafts and then final draft. Keeping in mind the research question, the student should start writing drafts to establish the thesis statement. The student should explain, describes, given reasons, state causes or effects or analyze parts of the topic. The students and professionals should continue to write their draft, and then revise it. This step details how to write an academic research paper.

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